I hope to grow this list over time to include lots of allergy free meal and baking options. Would love to receive more!





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  1. Hi Jane

    I was wondering if you could have the list of recipes linked to the recipes on the blog? It’ll make for easier access. 🙂

  2. Hi Jane – there’s a few recipes on the blog I write with a friend that are allergy friendly, good to do in bulk and freezer friendly. A couple of sweet/baking things too. Thanks for a great resource.

  3. Hi Jane, we do sunday lunch every week for our church growth group (and I’m an AFES staffworker on maternity leave), so your blog is well used in our household! We have to adapt a lot of stuff though because my husband has quite a few food intolerances (fructose malabsorption, so he’s on the low FODMAP diet – basically no wheat, onion or garlic, so processed stuff is largely out for us). I’ve got a dropbox folder of recipes I’ve adapted to suit his diet – if you’d like me to share it with you for use on your blog, let me know. Thanks for the blog – it’s so useful.

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